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This is for 50 page protectors that hold 20 - 2 x 2 coin holders or photo slides per page.Guardhouse paper coin holders are easy to staple, super clean and always line up.

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Intercept further innovated by making a slipcase standard with all their albums.

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Oddly, many other manufacturers do not take these precautions.How to select the best coin holders and avoid damaging your coins.Initially, they can cause a fingerprint pattern toned area that is unattractive and lowers the value and grade of the coin.Guardhouse coin capsules and snap locks coin holders are the perfect fit to store your coin collection., Page 2.

Make sure you get a pair of thin gloves so that you can still feel the coin.

Page protectors are pre-divided into sections, and cards can be purchased to fit right into the slot.Jewelry, coins and collectible at affordable prices. - Single Coin Holders.Find great deals on eBay for coin sheet protectors and coin protectors.We provide coin holders and currency holders, including those.NGC offers an oversized coin holder for coins and medals that are too large for the NGC standard holder.Each coin sheet is designed to hold 15 30 Gram Chinese Silver Panda coins in their original.

Intercept advanced the album even further by lining the inside covers with Intercept Shield providing a protective barrier to attract and absorb dangerous compounds before they reach the coins stored inside.Learn how to store coins and currency, including gold and silver coins, in tubes, containers, boxes and other systems, from the experts at NumisMaster.

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Normal staplers leave a curl of the staple rising above the surface.Protect your Chinese Silver Pandas the way they are meant to be protected.Here you will find some of the most popular coins, sorted by collection areas, and the matching coin capsules. CARGO L12 Coin Case for certified coin holders.As a result, each passing year sees fewer and fewer original, problem-free coins remaining.

Coin collecting supplies including Whitman coin folders, Dansco coin albums, and coin holders for collectors.The combination of safety and near invisibility has made them the favorite choice of museums including the Smithsonian, the ANA Money Museum and many others.Offering a large variety of coin and stamp collecting supplies.Take a look at our list and contact Razi if you have any comments, questions or suggestions for the list.Find great deals on eBay for coin protectors and cardboard coin holders.

The holder has one or more circles cut out and has a Mylar plastic sheet.

Coin Attachments: Coin Capsules: Coin Pouches: Coin Stands: Coin Storage: Neck Ribbons.Guardhouse 2x2 Coin Flips Staple type paper coin holders are by far the most popular coin storage product that we sell.

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Before shopping for silica gel, measure the size of the area to be protected and then buy the appropriate size of silica gel for storage space.Much of this damage comes from staples that are not completely clinched.

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Also available are boxes designed to neatly hold these 2x2 holders and provide a second protective barrier.Silica gel absorbs moisture that makes its way inside your safe deposit box, safe or other storage area preventing it from reaching your coins and causing damage.

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Find great deals on eBay for Coin Collection Case in Coin Supplies and Equipment. 5 Pcs Coin holders. 4 pockets horizontally per page. 5 pockets vertically per page.Much damage that is done through improper handling or storage of coins can not be reversed.Silica gel can be easily reactivated in the oven when it has absorbed as much moisture as it can hold.

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Prevent crack and stain from floor by installing this Coin Commercial Grade Slate Grey Garage Floor Cover and Protector from G-Floor.We have all the coin pages you need, as well as binders to hold them.Sheets to hold currency or individually packaged coins that can be stored in a binder or album for display purposes.Coin Pages for holding 2x2s, currency, coin slabs, mint set and proof sets.Transline also offers Cowens and Canadian paper coin holders., Page 3.